Havana – A City Stuck in Time

I have just arrived home from spending ten days in Cuba in the Caribbean with my family. We began with 3 days in the city of Havana and then drove a few hours to Varadero. For this blog post I’m going to focus on our time in Havana but it will be followed up next week with a post about Varadero.


Whilst in Havana we stayed in an Iberostar hotel that was right in the city centre. On the 9th floor there was a rooftop pool and bar that overlooked the whole city right out to the coast. Down below you can watch the hundreds of brightly coloured classic cars roam the streets like something out of a 1950’s movie. The hotel was taller than a lot of the surrounding residential buildings and one evening a group of kids were playing with a football on their roof amongst the bed sheets and clothes that were hanging out to dry as the sunset.



One day we took a tour around the city in a bright pink classical car. Our first stop was to Plaza de la Revolucion. The plaza is surrounded by buildings such as Jose Marti memorial, the National Library and many government ministries with drawings of Fidel Castro and Camilo Cienfuegos. Our next stop was John Lennon park. Although John Lennon never visited Cuba they have a statue of him in the park sat on a bench because of what he stood for. A woman is in charge of supplying the glasses for the statue when tourist come to take photos because the original set were stolen. From here we drove to a forest which reminded me of the Caribbean I remember, green and lush. The tour guide described it as something out of the movie Avatar and it honestly was. As we drove through there were these ginormous trees with great big vines hanging off them. It’s strange to think of this luscious green forest being bang smack in the middle of a busy city.



Most evenings we would wonder around the streets looking for places to eat in. Almost every restaurant you walk past had a band in playing loud cuban music. They were all so talented and it created such a lively atmosphere all over the city.



If you haven’t visited Cuba you definitely should, and soon. Currently it’s not as commercialised as most places in the world however it is slowly becoming more commercialised so the best time to visit is as soon as you can to experience the most you can. Let me know in the comments if you guys have ever been to Cuba and what you thought of it!

Peace out guys x

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