Sunday Markets

Hey guys! Yesterday I headed to Brick Lane with my friend, Meg, where we had lunch in the cereal killer cafe and strolled around the markets. It was so hot and very busy but I had a lot of fun just wondering around the streets of London.

Cereal Killer Cafe is this retro cafe that serves so many different types of cereals and cereal cocktails, they also do hot food! Everything on the menu is so unique and very yummy! The place is kitted out with throw-back toys and posters. There are two locations in London: Brick Lane and Camden Market. We went to the one in Brick Lane which had moved locations since the last time i’d been there. I ordered an ice cream cereal cocktail called the luckiest charm which was Lucky Charms, Lucky Charm ice cream and green milk, Meg ordered Frosties ice cream and we shared some pizza sausages and Cornflake Chicken. It was all so good!



After we’d eaten we wondered around and found so many different market areas surrounding the area. I’m glad we ate before because I wouldn’t have been able decide what to eat from the market it all looked and smelt amazing!




We stumbled across the most adorable plant store in one of the indoor market areas! There were terrariums hanging all over the place and they had these cute necklaces with roses and other flowers in them.




If you’re ever at loose end on a Sunday I would strongly recommend checking out the markets and cereal killer cafe should deffinately be on your list of places to visit!

Peace Out Guys x