Birthday Celebrations

January 24th is my birthday and this year I turned 19. Honestly, I wasn’t looking forward to it that much because (almost) everyone I usually spend my birthday with was busy or at university. However, I actually had a really lovely birthday.

I woke up on the 24th fairly early, around 7 am so I could open my presents with my family before everyone went off to school and work. I had a very chilled day because I am technically still on break from university. So once everyone had left I just sat around lazily and watched Friends on Netflix.

My mum had organised a dinner out for us all in Convent Garden. It was the coolest restaurant! We walked through Convent Garden down one of the cobbled back streets and there was this restaurant; Inamo. It’s a Japanese restaurant that works in a similar way to Tapas. You order the food on a tablet and it is served as soon as it is cooked. You can make as many orders as you like to share among the table. Although this is still cleaver, it’s not what made it so unique. Once seated we noticed a projector fitted above the table. On the table were these small clickers. All of this made the entire table like one of those interactive whiteboards you get at school! You could play games, set different table cloths and even draw on the table all with the use of the clicker.

IMG_0764 2

The food was also amazing! We ordered the wasabi fries which are ordinary fries with wasabi powder on the side, to be honest i just ate the fries; the Korean BBQ ribs; some vegetable spring rolls; Salmon tataki sushi, where my brother argued the fact that it was sushi because it was not in a roll; Spicy salmon maki sushi; half a crispy duck for duck pancakes and Singapore noodles which were my favourite! For desert we ordered this platter that had chocolate covered strawberries, marshmallows and brownie chunks that you could dip in popping candy! Just writing about it makes me hungry!

IMG_4764 2IMG_0597 2

I loved this restaurant not only for the interactive table, or the amazing food. But because the chilled environment! I am definitely gong to be going back here again and i would recommend it to everyone!!

After dinner we came back home and did birthday cake!I had told my mum i wanted a Collin the caterpillar cake so she bought one. However she also made one. It was a rocky road caterpillar, although it kind of looked like roadkill… It tasted amazing and thats all that really counts anyway!