The Most Magical Place on Earth (Anaheim)

I feel like Disneyland Anaheim is one of the parks that not many people know about (unless you live in California) but it’s actually just as magical as all the other parks around the world. There are two parks at Disneyland Anaheim: the Disneyland park and the California Adventure park. Here are some of my favourite attractions!!

Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage

This ride is located in the Disneyland Park in Tomorrowland. It’s mainly for smaller kids as there isn’t a height restriction but I was in love with it. You step into a submarine and sit below the water as it goes around a pool and you get to see all the characters through the windows. Some are moving images projected onto the windows and some are in the water. You follow the story of Finding Nemo and it also tells you abut the Great Barrier Reef. I thought it was so cute!


Jungle Cruise

Located in adventure land in the Disneyland park, this ride could possibly be my favourite. You hop into a boat and a ‘tour guide’ takes you around this river looking at different animals like a safari. My favourite thing about this ride is the people who guide the boat around. They make loads of jokes and puns but they stay serious and they are all so good at it! As we finished the ride the girl who was our guide said “i hope you enjoyed you’re cruise, I know I did, I think I might go again… and again, and again, and again”. The whole ride is full of sarcastic comments and jokes.


If you don’t love a bit of autotopia then I’m sorry but we can’t be friends. Autotopia is in tomorrow land at the Disneyland park. If anything, autotopia teaches me and anyone in the car with me that I am a bad driver. For anyone who doesn’t know, in autotopia you get to drive around a track in a car and they give you a drivers license while you queue. Angel learnt the dangers of texting while driving at autotopia when he smashed into the back of another car while texting and his whole car shut down, so it’s very educational. I’m always terrible at driving the car around but I still love it!


Radiator Springs Racers

I believe this is a fairly new ride located in cars land in the California Adventure park. Cars land itself is my favourite place in the park because it looks just like it does in the films. At night all the neon lights are lit up and it has a very retro aesthetic. On the ride you drive around radiator springs seeing all the characters. They all look so much like they do in the films! On the last section of the ride you meet up with another car of people and you race around the tracks. We had a close race, it was neck and neck until the last turn, unfortunately we lost but its a lot of fun!

Soarin’ Around the World

Located in grizzly peak in the California Adventure Park. I expected this ride to be a rollercoaster that went around and I was disappointed  when I saw it wasn’t but then it started. You sit in the air in front of a big screen and you fly around the world. We flew through Australia past the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Oprah house, past the glistening Eiffel tower in Paris and over Victoria falls in Zambia/Zimbabwe. I was sitting there already amazed and then we got to the planes of Africa with elephants and zebras strolling around when something hit me. I could smell the planes of Africa! It smelt like grass and dirt and animals and I fully lost my mind! The same thing happened when we got to India flying around the Taj Mahal, except it smelt like rose water and flowers!


Luigi’s Rollickin’ Roadsters

Watching this ride is just as much fun as being on it! This one is also in cars land in the California Adventure Park. It took me a while to figure out what it was exactly but when I did I was in awe. You sit in these brightly coloured cars and they move around the floor with music. The cars dance with each other, like a dance but for cars! The are all in rhythm with the music and in time with each other and towards the end all the cars come together and are in sync with each other doing the same thing. Once I had realised what it was I loved watching it while we queued! I would say its definitely better at night just because when you look up there are hundreds of flickering fairy lights and when it’s dark and the lights are a lot more noticeable it adds to the atmosphere!

Animation Academy

This is located in Hollywood land in the California Adventure Park. You go along and they teach you how to draw characters. Now, I can’t draw at all but at the animation academy you feel like a pro. It’s really easy honestly and you get to take away you’re drawing. We did one in Paris and drew tigger from winnie the pooh but the one in Anaheim is so much better because it’s like a lecture theatre. You can also choose what time you want to go along and what character you want to draw. We caught the last session and drew Winnie the pooh but the one before ours was B-Max from Big Hero 6. The instructor had so much enthusiasm even though it was late into the night and the park was closing. They talk you through every part which it makes more enjoyable and less frustrating when you screw up. I feel like this is a less known attraction in the park because of the rides but its definitely worth going!


There are a whole load of other attractions that are also amazing, these are the ones that stand out to me! If you’re ever in L.A. you should take a visit to Disney Land! Let me know if you guys have any favourite attractions at any of the Disney Parks around the world!

If you want to see more of our trip to Disney check out the video below!

Peace Out Guys x



The City of Sunsets, Traffic and High Times

Over Christmas I visited my boyfriend in Los Angeles where he showed me almost everything this city has to offer. I had an amazing time and wanted to share the best parts of this exciting city. I felt the most appropriate way to do this would be to create a list of things to do whilst in LA. So here it is, my “top things to do when in LA”.

The day after I arrived we headed off to the Aquarium of the Pacific. I love aquariums with all the beautiful colours however, this one had so much more then any I have been to before. There were so many opportunities to be interactive with the animals. We got to stroke sharks, feed birds and TOUCH JELLY FISH! There was also a whole area especially for otters and they were so cute, we stood and watched them for about half an hour.





There are quite a few theme parks accessible from Los Angeles, one of them is Knotts Berry Farm. The rides are quite intense at this theme park. I’m usually pretty good with rides but the first rollercoaster we went on made me feel a bit sick. Towards the end Angel took me on this ride where the seats were like you were riding a horse. Whilst we were waiting for the ride he continuously told me that it was slow and boring and I believed him. It was the complete opposite but I loved it!




Another theme park easily accessible from Los Angeles is Universal Studios Hollywood. I’ve never been to any Universal Studios but when we arrived I was in my element! The first thing we did was going on the studio tour which I would highly recommend no matter how long the wait. They drive you around the studios in carts and you get to see some of the sets where different films and TV  shows are filmed. I would also recommend seeing ‘Water World’ the stunt show.




The last of the theme parks we visited was Disney Land Anaheim. I love Disney Land and this park did not let the side down! It’s very similar to Paris although there are a few rides that you don’t get in Paris such as a submarine that goes underwater and interacts with all the Finding Nemo characters. Another upside was that it was Christmas and Disney at Christmas is always amazing!





Up on the hills is the grand building of Griffith Observatory. It’s a centre dedicated to the study of space and offers amazing views of the city. Outside the building, there were small telescopes set up looking at specific constellations and stars. There was also one big telescope that looked up at the moon. It provides amazing sights and also offers great hiking trails during the day.



There are many art museums in Los Angeles but the one we went to was LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Art). This art museum has a lot to offer. There are lots of exhibits as well as the tar pits around the grounds that surround the main museum area.




A great free thing to do when in Los Angeles is hiking. There are so many trails all over the place like hiking up to the Hollywood sign or around the Santa Monica Mountains. You can get some great views and its amazing to become surrounded by nature not far from the hectic traffic of the highways.




Lastly, something that honestly cannot be avoided. Watching the sunset! The sunsets in LA are beautiful. Every evening the sky is a different rage of colours, a different shade of orange/red, you can never take too many photos. There are lots of view points you can watch the sunsets from such as the beach or from hiking trails. One of the points we went to was at Billbots park. It looks over the city and is amazing! There was also one other but I’m silenced to secrecy about its location, this one looks over the ocean!





Screen Shot 2018-03-18 at 21.14.52

So there you have it, a few things you should go and see if you’re ever in Los Angeles! I hope you enjoyed!

Peace out guys x