How to Survive Long Haul Flights

As a kid I never had a problem with flying, I was never afraid and never had trouble with sleeping. Sometimes the food was kind of terrible but other than that flying for long periods of time was easy. As i’ve got older and grown bigger, long haul flights are more of a task. Trying to get comfortable while sat in the middle seat is basically impossible and i tend to sit in the middle A LOT. However, on the most recent long haul flight i was on my luck turned and I had an entire row of three seats all to myself! Anyway, I thought i’d share some of my tips on how to survive those somewhat dreaded 11 hour flights!

1. Stay Hydrated

Aeroplanecabins have a bad habit of drying our skin out. This is because there is a lack of humidity in the cabin which means there’s a lack of moisture in the air causing the dip in hydration. It’s important to stay hydrated on a day to day basis but losing your daily routine by sitting in the same seat for 10 or so hours could throw you off from being concerned about hydration. Staying hydrated can help how you feel during and after the flight. I usually buy a bottle of water in the airport so I have an easy access as sometimes the air crew aren’t always on it with handing around drinks.

2. Snacks! Snacks! Snacks!

Sometimes aeroplane food isn’t always the best so it can be a good idea to bring some snacks that you know you like so you don’t go hungry. It’s a good idea to bring a mix of nutritional snacks and treats just to mix it up. Nutritional snacks are a good way to help you feel more energised when getting on the plane rather than the usual sluggish feeling while those treats can help you get through it psychologically! I usually try to buy some fresh fruit pots from the airport and a bar of chocolate.


3. Suss out the Entertainment

Most, if not all, long haul flights have some sort of entertainment system with films, tv shows, music and games. You can usually check these out before you fly if you want to plan ahead but it can be a good idea to wait so you can waste more of the fight time figuring out what to see.

4. Comfort is Key

To people who wear jeans on long haul flights, we need to talk. Wearing something comfortable and warm on the plane is probably the most important tip on here. Even if you’re visiting the Caribbean you should still wear something warm because the cabin can get cold. It’s also good to wear something loose fitting thats not restrictive so you can move about easily. I usually wear sports leggings or tracksuit bottoms and I always bring a hoodie.

5. Moisturise

This kind of comes under hydration because moisturising your skin can help reduce the effects of low humidity in the cabin. All you need is a small tube of moisturiser that you can pack in your hand luggage and you’re all set. I usually reapply mine towards the end of the flight so I feel more awake for when I arrive.


These are my tips for surviving long haul flights let me know what you guys do to make your flights more comfortable I’d love to try them out and see if they help me!

Peace out Guys x