The City of Sunsets, Traffic and High Times

Over Christmas I visited my boyfriend in Los Angeles where he showed me almost everything this city has to offer. I had an amazing time and wanted to share the best parts of this exciting city. I felt the most appropriate way to do this would be to create a list of things to do whilst in LA. So here it is, my “top things to do when in LA”.

The day after I arrived we headed off to the Aquarium of the Pacific. I love aquariums with all the beautiful colours however, this one had so much more then any I have been to before. There were so many opportunities to be interactive with the animals. We got to stroke sharks, feed birds and TOUCH JELLY FISH! There was also a whole area especially for otters and they were so cute, we stood and watched them for about half an hour.





There are quite a few theme parks accessible from Los Angeles, one of them is Knotts Berry Farm. The rides are quite intense at this theme park. I’m usually pretty good with rides but the first rollercoaster we went on made me feel a bit sick. Towards the end Angel took me on this ride where the seats were like you were riding a horse. Whilst we were waiting for the ride he continuously told me that it was slow and boring and I believed him. It was the complete opposite but I loved it!




Another theme park easily accessible from Los Angeles is Universal Studios Hollywood. I’ve never been to any Universal Studios but when we arrived I was in my element! The first thing we did was going on the studio tour which I would highly recommend no matter how long the wait. They drive you around the studios in carts and you get to see some of the sets where different films and TVĀ  shows are filmed. I would also recommend seeing ‘Water World’ the stunt show.




The last of the theme parks we visited was Disney Land Anaheim. I love Disney Land and this park did not let the side down! It’s very similar to Paris although there are a few rides that you don’t get in Paris such as a submarine that goes underwater and interacts with all the Finding Nemo characters. Another upside was that it was Christmas and Disney at Christmas is always amazing!





Up on the hills is the grand building of Griffith Observatory. It’s a centre dedicated to the study of space and offers amazing views of the city. Outside the building, there were small telescopes set up looking at specific constellations and stars. There was also one big telescope that looked up at the moon. It provides amazing sights and also offers great hiking trails during the day.



There are many art museums in Los Angeles but the one we went to was LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Art). This art museum has a lot to offer. There are lots of exhibits as well as the tar pits around the grounds that surround the main museum area.




A great free thing to do when in Los Angeles is hiking. There are so many trails all over the place like hiking up to the Hollywood sign or around the Santa Monica Mountains. You can get some great views and its amazing to become surrounded by nature not far from the hectic traffic of the highways.




Lastly, something that honestly cannot be avoided. Watching the sunset! The sunsets in LA are beautiful. Every evening the sky is a different rage of colours, a different shade of orange/red, you can never take too many photos. There are lots of view points you can watch the sunsets from such as the beach or from hiking trails. One of the points we went to was at Billbots park. It looks over the city and is amazing! There was also one other but I’m silenced to secrecy about its location, this one looks over the ocean!





Screen Shot 2018-03-18 at 21.14.52

So there you have it, a few things you should go and see if you’re ever in Los Angeles! I hope you enjoyed!

Peace out guys x