Bullet Journalling

Hey! If any of you read my “Back to School Stationary” post from a few weeks ago you’ll noticed I mentioned that I have began using the Dingbats A5+ dotted notebook for my bullet journalling and that a post specifically on bullet journalling would be coming. Well here it is! All of my bullet journal inspiration has come from @amandarachlee so the only credit I take from this work is physically copying her youtube pan with me’s. This might not be the most creative way to set up a bullet journal but I enjoy doing it honestly and thats all that really matters. I have been using my bullet journal for about a month and a half now and here are a few tips I have learnt along the way.

  1. Only incorporate spreads into your journal if they benefit and improve your life.

If you feel as if your bullet journal spreads are a drag or a chore to fill out then get rid of them the following week or month. Bullet journals should be an enjoyable positive add on to your daily or weekly routine. Whether your goal is to become more organised or to procrastinate less it should have a positive impact on you so if you’re starting to detest filling out budget trackers or mood trackers then just don’t include them in the following weeks. You can always add them back in if you feel as if you need them again.

2. Embrace your mistakes!

This is one the hardest lessons I have had to learn. I do a lot of doodles in pencil before I go over them in pen and the same goes for some wording but it doesn’t matter how many outlines you draw or how many stencils you use, you will make a mistake. Of course there are ways to cover up mistakes and @amandarachlee has a youtube video specifically on covering up bullet journal mistakes. But over the short time I have been bullet journaling I have learnt that most of the mistakes aren’t worth going through the effort of covering so I just embrace them. They become part of the journal.

3. Expensive stationary is not necessary

A lot of people on Youtube or Instagram who run accounts based off of bullet journaling have flashy expensive pens and notepads. Don’t get me wrong, I could pend hundreds on stationary that I don’t need but if you’re a newbie to bullet journalling a simple pen and noted pad are absolutely fine. It can be tempting to splash out as soon as you begin but it can also be a good idea to save the money initially and find out what works for you.

Ive included some photos below of my fist month of Bullet Journaling. Again, these are all inspired by @amandarachlee so check out her Instagram if you want to get into bullet journalling.


I hope this inspired some of you who might be thinking about taking up bullet journal or at least gave you some pretty space doodles to look at! Thanks for reading! Let me know in the comments if you guys enjoy bullet journalling and what kind of weekly/monthly spread you include!

Peace out guys x

Back to School Stationary Haul

I am a little bit obsessed with stationary if I’m honest with you and a few weeks ago I made a special trip to Tottenham Court Road to visit the biggest Paperchase in London. It was quite overwhelming to say the least but I was also very much in my element. Next week is my first week of my second year of university. Most schools have already gone back and some universities go back later on in September. So I thought this would be the perfect time to show you guys what I bought for back to school supplies and how I plan on organising all my notes. I have included prices and where I bought things from so you guys could get some inspiration for your supplies!

Lined A4 Exercise Book

Brand: Paperchase

Price: £8

I plan on using this exercise book to make notes in lectures and seminars. I don’t usually make that many notes in lectures as the presentations are uploaded online so keeping all these notes in one book works well for me. However, if you are more of an active note taker or require more space you may want to purchase more than one exercise book and allocate them to each module or subject you are studying.

I love this exercise book in particular because there is a high quality of paper which reduces pens from bleeding or ghosting through the pages. I also love that it has a margin and date line in the book and the ruler down the side of the cover.


A4 10 Subject Notebook

Brand: Paperchase

Price: £8

This notebook is going to be for all my revision notes. Each subject will represent each module and I will make notes from the presentations of my lectures and seminars that I require my exams. For those of you with lots of subjects these books can be good for class notes to save you from carrying around multiple exercise books.

I used this book last year for my lecture/revision notes and i really loved it as it helped me stay organised without carrying tonnes of books around. The paper quality is high again which reduces bleeding and ghosting of particular pens. This is especially important for my revision notes because I love to use lots of different coloured markers.


Lever Arch File

Brand: Paperchase

Price: £6

University involves reading a lot of online journals so, to stay organised, I have decided to print them off each time I am assigned a reading and annotate them and file them in the lever arch file. I am going to organise them per module. Readings can really help with exams and assignments so it’s important to stay on top of them.

I love this lever arch file in particular because of the cute quote on the front “I’m very busy and important”. The inside is also bright yellow to bring some life to my readings!


A5+ Dotted Notebook

Brand: Dingbats

Price: £15

I actually ordered this notebook off of amazon after researching the best notebooks for bullet journal. Bullet journalling is a way of staying organised and keeping all your affairs in order but you can also have a lot of fun with it! This is the first time I have had a bullet journal and I decided to start after being inspired by AmandaRachLee on youtube. You should definitely check her work out, it’s so creative! I plan on doing a blog post specifically on my bullet journal at some point however, if you are considering taking it up Dingbat notepads and awesome!

I absolutely love this notebook it has so many cool features such as the built in book mark, the elastic pocket for a pen, a back pocket and the adorable little bear prints on the inside. They come in lined, gridded, plain and dotted. I went with dotted so I have some kind of guidelines that aren’t too in your face. The paper quality is great with virtually no ghosting or bleeding so I would highly recommend this notebook.


Muji 0.5 Black Gel Pens


Brand: Muji

Price: £8.95

These pend come in a pack of 6, there is one extra picture here. They provide such a smooth writing experience however, I wouldn’t recommend them if you’re left handed as the do take second to dry. I haven’t been using these long but I love how they feel to write with!


Muji 0.5 Assorted Colour Gel Pens


Brand: Muji

Price: £16.95

These come in a pack of 12 and make a great accessory to any revision notes. Again, these take a second to dry so if you are left handed I don’t know how great they will work for you. They write very smoothly and the assorted colours are perfect!


Zebra Mildliners

Brand: Zebra

Price: £15.99

I absolutely LOVE these markers. They are called mildliners as they are similar to highlighters but the colours aren’t too in your face. There are four packs in total, pictured are the pastel pack, cool pack and warm pack there is also a peachy pack which is fairly new. I ordered these three together off of amazon and I am in no way disappointed. Each pen has a flat bold marker side and a thin fine liner side. Although there is an odd collection of colours they all work great and i would highly recommend these to anyone and everyone!


Tombow Dual Brush PenIMG_3867

Brand: Tombow

Price: £3.75

I bought this pen from Paperchase to work con some calligraphy for my bullet journal. One side is like a brush where you can work between think and thin strokes and the other end is a thin marker. They sell these pens in a variety of colours although I went with black to begin with.


Below is a pen test of all the pens mentioned above:


So that was my back to school haul, I hope it gave you some inspiration on what to buy for your back to school supplies and that you found it helpful/interesting. If you guys have any stationary supplies that you swear by comment below I’d love to hear about them!

Peace out guys x