Lululemon: Sweatlife Festival 2019

Last weekend I spent two days getting sweaty, zen and mindful with 6000 other people at the Sweatlife Festival hosted by Lululemon at the Tobacco doc in London. This is the first time I have ever attended anything like this and it was the best thing I have ever done! The festival runs over two days and includes unlimited yoga classes, unlimited meditation and two classes run by different studios around London per day. I thought I’d run through the highlights of my weekend and the classes that I attended!



I started the weekend with a 9:00 am spin class called Ride 45 hosted by Psycle. I usually don’t really get into spin classes because I don’t find them very motivating and end up lowering the resistance on the bike, but this class was something else. I came out dripping, I don’t think I have ever sweat as much as I did in that class in my entire life. The girl next to me was fanning herself and I thought, if you’re feeling as hot as I am that fan is not going to help! It was intense but it was amazing, the woman running the class was incredibly motivating and created an atmosphere of ‘you can do anything’ which is just what you need when your dying on a bike! I enjoyed this class so much that I have actually looked into attending more of their classes and that says something because I am not or was not a spinner at all!

Screen Shot 2019-06-24 at 13.15.57
Photo credit to Lululemon

The second class I attended on Saturday was called Frame Rave hosted by Frame. This was basically an aerobic dance class which sounds pretty boring but it was the most fun I have ever had working out. It felt like a group of friends clubbing except my feet didn’t hurt and I felt good after! The guy running the class was a trained dancer and really hyped everyone up! It was so lovely to see people moving their bodies in a way that feels good and enjoying it rather than dying! Don’t get me wrong I was getting sweaty but it wasn’t the most challenging class of the weekend! That being said I would definitely do it again!


The first class of my second day was a Calisthenics class run by Jermaine Straker. I signed up to this class because I have followed individuals on Instagram who take part in calisthenics and I wanted to give it a go. The layout of the class went a bit like: here are your exercises, go do them, which I wasn’t a fan of. From my understanding thats how calisthenics classes are run but for me personally I prefer having someone tell me what to do or having someone to be accountable to. The exercises reminded me a lot of conditioning in gymnastics so it wasn’t my favourite but I’m so glad I went because I have been intrigued about this type of training for a while.

My last class of the weekend was Sweatbolic Conditioning hosted by Crossfit London. I signed onto this class, again, because I have been interested in crossfit for a while.  It was amazing! We had to pair up with someone and the perform a series of exercises: 50 calories on the air bike (who invented air bikes?!), 100 kettlebell swings, 80 snatches, 60 v-up’s, 40 clean press, 20 burpees. As a pair we split the number of each exercise between us and while one was working the other was resting. It was a hard class, probably the hardest but it felt so good! Being in a pair was so motivating for me and really made me push myself so I absolutely loved it!

Yoga and Meditation

Over the course of the weekend I attended 3 yoga classes; Align , Explore, Awaken with Mia Togo, Coming Back to Earth with Chloe Faulkner and Yoga Conditioning with Katie Silver. I loved every single one of these classes. Each one was such a different style and each instructor was so different. Yoga conditioning was the most challenging because it incorporated the flow and flexibility of yoga as it usually is but also an element of strength and conditioning training. Basically: very sweaty.

Screen Shot 2019-06-24 at 13.23.58
Photo credit to Lululemon
Screen Shot 2019-06-24 at 13.19.38
Photo credit to Lululemon
Screen Shot 2019-06-24 at 13.14.11
Photo credit to Lululemon
Screen Shot 2019-06-24 at 13.12.07
Photo credit to Lululemon

As for meditation, I only made it to one class as all the others were full. I was disappointed that I didn’t manage to get a place on any of the RE: Mind classes however, the one meditation I did attend was mind blowing. I have never been someone who finds it easy to meditate, I’v never really understood it honestly but this class was the best of the whole weekend. It was called Breathe In and Bliss Out with Breathwork by Richie Bostock. During the class we went through two types of breathing which make your fingertips and face feel tingly with pins and needles (sounds odd I know) and then after a while you don’t really know if you’re awake, asleep or in another dimension. If you ever get a chance to attend a class like this I could’t recommend it more, It is  game changer.

Screen Shot 2019-06-24 at 13.18.04
Photo credit to Lululemon
Screen Shot 2019-06-24 at 13.18.18
Photo credit to Lululemon


Everyone that is apart of Lululemon or associated with them is so motivating and inspiring it’s incredible which is why I am so glad I attended a few of the talks. On Saturday I went to Do Less but Better hosted by Lululemon. The talk went over how being busy can be associated with success which doesn’t have to be the case. They discussed how putting your energy into lots of things won’t give you the outcome you wish for if you were to put the majority of your energy into the thing you love most. I found it hard to relate to the things other people were sharing but I still found the talk eye opening. On Sunday morning I attended Goal Setting that Works which did what it says in the title, helped on setting goals and achieving them. It was really inspiring to hear other peoples goals as well when we shared. The last talk I went to was the Science behind Wellness hosted by Dr. Anjali Mahto (a dermatologist), Dr. Zoe Williams (a GP) and Dr. Christopher George (a GP). The three of them went through and myth busted a whole load of information and trends around wellness heath and fitness which I, personally, found really interesting.

Screen Shot 2019-06-24 at 13.20.20
Photo credit to Lululemon
Screen Shot 2019-06-24 at 13.20.10
Photo credit to Lululemon
Screen Shot 2019-06-24 at 13.27.05
Photo credit to Lululemon
Screen Shot 2019-06-24 at 13.26.50
Photo credit to Lululemon

In between going to classes, yoga, meditation and talks there was a variety of food trucks which smelled and tasted AMAZING, a market place giving out free samples of more AMAZING food, goal setting trees to share your goals, a Lululemon store and a mermaid cave with free glitter designs and hair do’s. Overall I had the best time. I will definitely be attending the festival again next year, it’s such an amazing feeling to be around people who are interested in the same things as you which I’ve never really had when it comes to health fitness. The atmosphere was incredible and it might give Glastonbury a run for it’s money!



Screen Shot 2019-06-24 at 13.09.15
Photo credit to Lululemon


Thanks for reading! Tune in next week for Glastonbury Festival 2019!

Peace out guys x

B_ND Review

Good Morning, Afternoon or Evening. I am back with summer blogging since I have finished my second year of uni and have a few lined up for this month. I thought I’d start it off with a review of the B_ND resistance bands (previously known as Grace Fit Bands). I initially bought a Grace Fit band about a year ago in Heavy strength and it was honestly one of the best things I’ve ever purchased. Since the brand’s change in direction I purchased a few more items and have been so impressed! I love that all the products are vegan and it feels good to support a more ethical brand!

Short Resistance Bands

These are the original bands and the first thing I bought. They are priced at £14 each which, for the quality is amazing. They are made of a thick fabric which stops the bunching up and cutting into your skin like rubber bands do. There are a variety of strengths which is so inclusive from light to extra extra heavy. Oh, and did I mention they come in the cutest patterns and colours too! Each band purchase comes with a glute workout guide. What I love most about these bands is how they intensify your workout. I use them in every exercise I can; squats, leg press, hip thrusts… They are also great for taking away with you so you can train while travelling!

Top: Tropical Extra Heavy Short Resistance Band, Bottom: Peach Heavy Short Resistance Band
Tropical Extra Heavy Short Resistance Band

Long Resistance Band

These were released in the new launch a few weeks ago with the rebranding and I was honestly most excited about these. I’ve been looking into getting a long band to support my chin up’s so when I found out these were coming I knew I had to get my hands on them. Unfortunately they sold out before I could in the initial release and then I only managed to get a medium on the second time round. But I have finally ordered the light and heavy and am waiting on their arrival. So far I have only used the medium to warm up on upper body days and with stretching, but I am still in love with it. They are so versatile and can be used in any workout. I love how you can do a full body workout just using this one band so no wonder they are so popular. They are made of the same fabric as the short bands and come in light, medium and heavy all in super cute colours! These are slightly more expensive than the short bands: £16 each but you are definitely getting your moneys worth!

Khaki Medium Long Resistance Band with Cotton Pouch
Top: Tropical Extra Heavy Short Resistance Band, Bottom: Khaki Medium Long Resistance Band
Right: Tropical Extra Heavy Short Resistance Band, Left: Khaki Medium Long Resistance Band

Barbell Pad

I have been meaning to buy one of these ever since I first started training! They are A-MAZE-ING! If your not sure what these are for, let me explain. When they designed barbells, they did not consider how the metal bar digs in when you add any sort of weight to it. You can get used to the shoulder bruises; when I stopped squatting for a while and came back to it, after my first session my shoulders hurt more than my legs but I don’t get any shoulder pain now. However, I will never get used to 60/70 kg digging into your hip bones. I have used other barbell pads from the gym, but they have all been rubbish. This one however, is a game changer! It fits nice and tightly around the bar to stop it slipping around, the velcro is so strong so there is no concern of it coming undone and you can’t feel the bar at all! It really helps having nothing to distract you from your burning glutes! These are priced at only £15 and also come in a variety of super cute colours!

Top: Khaki Barbell Pad, Bottom: Tropical Extra Heavy Short Resistance Band
Top: Khaki Barbell Pad, Bottom: Khaki Medium Long Resistance Band
Top: Khaki Barbell Pad, Middle: Tropical Extra Heavy Short Resistance Band, Bottom: Khaki Medium Long Resistance Band

Ankle Straps

Before purchasing these I had never done cable kicks on the gym. I did for the fist time and wow oh wow they were painful! When I first opened them I thought they were going to be massive around my ankles but they actually fit really well and feel of really good quality. They sell at £14 for one pair and guess what? They come in lots of cute colours!

Peach Ankle Straps

All in all if you are on the fence about any of these products or just want something to spice up your workout I would highly recommend checking these out!!

Peace out guys x

Beach Bum

Hey guys! This is my first workout post, i’ve been meaning to do one for a while but never got around to filming any of the exercises. I thought i’d start off with a fairly basic workout focused on the glutes for growing your booty! You can give it a go at home, in the park or at the beach so you don’t need access to a gym. The only equipment I used was a resistance band but you don’t need one so don’t use that as an excuse!

I started this workout off with 2 mile (3.2 km) run along the beach. Nothing fancy, just a jog. Running along the beach puts more pressure on your calf muscles because your heals sink into the sand so it makes for a good workout alone.

After the run I performed a six station circuit focusing on the glutes. Each exercise was performed for 45 seconds with a 15 second rest in-between every stage for 3 rounds of the circuit.

Here are the exercises i performed in the circuit…

Crab Walks with Resistance Band

Starting in a narrow squat with the resistance band just above the knee, Step out into a wide squat and then back into a narrow squat whilst staying in a low squat.

Single Leg Glute Bridges

Laying on the floor bend one knee in keeping your foot flat and point the other leg up into the air. Push your hips up towards the sky, at the top engage your glutes and hold for a few seconds before lowering. Have one leg bent for 20 seconds and use 5 seconds to change legs.

Squat Side Kicks

Perform an ordinary squat but karate kick each leg out to the side on the way up from the squat. Alternate each leg after each rep.

Lateral Donkey Kicks

Start by kneeling on your hands and knees with a resistance band on just above the knee. Lift your leg out to the side while keeping a 90′ degree angle at your knee. Alternate each leg after 20 seconds.

Walking Lunges

Begin by standing with your feet together, step forward with one leg and bend your front and back leg. Make sure that your back knee doesn’t touch the floor and that your back is straight.

Sumo Squat Pulses

Stand with your legs beyond shoulder width apart with your feet turned outwards and squat down. Push half way up and squat back down again before standing up fully.

Down below is a quick video  with demonstrations of all the exercises just incase my explanations were awful! If you have access to a gym you could pair the circuit with some weight lifting such as squats or glute bridges. Let me know what you guys think in the comments!

Peace out guys x